Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Is it time to raise our quality of life?

Ask yourself what we in the US value most. It's productivity and efficiency in my mind. Why do we obsess over these two things so much, especially since we place value them to the point of sacrificing our quality of life. We are willing to settle for so much cheap crap, so many broken relationships, so much emotional pain and isolation, all in the name of being efficient! I think it might be time to start letting some efficiency go in exchange for a higher quality of life.

Some examples:

  • Not spending every day and evening at the office in exchange for a better social life or family life.
  • Not settling for a crappy and dangerous pedestrian experience in the few walkable places of our cities in exchange for being able to get to your destination in a car 1 minute quicker.
  • Don't settle for being afraid to use all of your paid time off from work because you feel pressure in your workplace to be efficient and productive. You will be more productive if you learn how to relax and enjoy your life outside of work.
The list could go on. What are some other ways that we sacrifice a higher quality of life all in the name of efficiency?