Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Extreme emotions

Here's a light and easy topic for today's post: how do you handle extreme emotions in yourself? Ok, so I'm joking about that being a light topic. It clearly is not! As I've grown up and been in a "normal" everyday type of life having a career, friends, family, etc, I've noticed in myself that I have my reoccurring things/circumstances that cause me to feel extreme emotions. These are the types of emotions that make concentration difficult and normal relating to people sometimes challenging. And when these emotions keep occurring even though I talk through them, journal about them, gain some relational support around them and yet I keep feeling them, many times that leaves me in a weird position. It makes me realize that I am a complex being and my feelings are complex as well. Life circumstances both short-term and long-term are complex as well. There are no easy answers.

To get through these things, sometimes I simply power through an exercise routine to help clear my head, other times I need to talk with someone. But as I've learned in recent years, sometimes I just need to sit and wait - sometimes for days, months or even years before I understand my emotions and before resolution comes. Trusting this can be extremely difficult. So again, I'm curious, how do you handle the extreme emotions in your life? Are there any ways that you're not proud of how you handle your emotions?